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Organic Gardening–Phase 2—plus a recipe for organic fertilizer April 15, 2010

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MY OH MY how things have changed in just three weeks!  We’ve got a couple of things going on right now.  First, we’ve been extremely busy, trying to build a picket fence.  I can’t believe how much work goes into building a fence from scratch.  While it’s a lot of work, I hope that it will pay off by keeping unwanted animals out.  My husband is the master-mind behind the entire fence. I am just the master painter! 🙂

Secondly, we’ve got plants growing in the garage and things we’ve already planted outside. The plants in the garage (arugula, broccoli, celery, romaine, iceberg, and brussels sprouts) are growing quickly. They love the heating mats we’ve placed under their pots.  Outside, we planted potatoes, carrots, sunflowers, and scallions. We had a freeze here in Snohomish a couple of nights ago, so I hope everything will survive!   This coming weekend, we plan to plant the rest of our seeds or plants from the garage outside. 

I had a question from a patient who has been inspired to start an organic garden.  She wanted to know where to get manure for fertilizer.  Here’s the answer:  1. If you’re going to use manure, you want to make sure that it is from a known source where it comes from grass-fed animals (basically, making sure that the animals aren’t given antibiotics and other chemicals). 2. Use compost instead—you can get organic compost from Home Depot or Lowes (look for Cedar Grove Compost—a company out of Everett!).  3. Supplement the compost with an organic fertilizer.  Here’s a recipe for organic fertilizer:  4 parts cottonseed meal or canola-seed meal, 2 parts bone meal, 1 part kelp meal, 1 part garden lime. 

Once things grow some more, I’ll make another post.  OR .  . .maybe I’ll post some pictures of our fence when it’s done.


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