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Hard work paying off–Organic Gardening June 13, 2010

Filed under: Organic Gardening — Theresa Martez @ 9:17 PM

We have had an unbelievably wet spring here in the Pacific NW, along with some cool temperatures.  Thankfully, our garden is flourishing!  The fence is completed and the ground cover is down. Now, we’re just waiting and watching things grow.  The Yukon Gold and Red potatoes love their new home and are growing quickly.  Other veggies that are doing well, include the carrots, beans, onions, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. 

Due to the cool temperatures, we’ve had to re-start some vegetables in the garage—this would inlucde cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, celery and romaine lettuce.  We also have tomatoes growing in the garage.  We will plant those in the beds after three weeks of good growth (and hopefully higher temperatures during the day and night).

On a frustrating note, we have some new uninvited guests visiting the garden areas.  We have three non-intimidated rabbits, slugs, and moles.   The rabbits have eaten all of the Kale and many of the growing sunflowers—and luckily they haven’t gotten inside the fence (yet).  We’re going to try to put up a 2 foot fence around the perennials, sunflowers, and herbs/kale to combat the varmits.  We’re also going to try some ways to combat the slugs—it involves beer!

 Here’s some pictures of the finished product. Once things grow some more and we start harvesting, I’ll post something else with pictures.